Why choose Alpaca clothes?


Did you know that Alpaca apparel is three times warmer than clothes made by sheep's wool? Alpaca is the perfect winter fashion option thanks to its microscopic hollow pockets, that create space for more thermal capacity and insulation that absorb better the moisture.


Among natural fibers, alpaca is the strongest, even than mohair. With a good care techniques alpaca clothing can last a lifetime.


Alpaca has tiny hollow areas in the centers of the fiber which work as an advanced insulator and make it lighter in weight than many other fibers.


If we compare the softness of alpaca over other natural fiber of the same diameter (due to the scale height - protrusion), alpaca is favored.  For example, the cuticle cells on sheep wool fiber protrude approximately 0.8 microns from the shaft whereas alpaca cuticle cells protrude approximately 0.4 microns.

Less itchy

The tiny individual scales seen on alpaca fibers are smoother and lower than other fibers, therefore alpaca become the best option for people who have extra-sensitive skin type. Being the favorite option for woman apparel.

Flame resistant

As all natural fibers, alpaca fleece does not melt onto the skin like synthetic fibers do, instead it turns into ash after it burns.  This means you are not wearing plastic.

Less wrinkling

Alpaca has lack of memory which means the fabric returns to its original shape making it more resistant to wrinkling, shrinking or felting (over others).


Some people are allergic to lanolin and cannot wear wool without feel allergic or "prickle" reaction. Alpaca is lanolin-free and does not require pollution-causing and oil-dissolving chemicals to take out the lanolin from the fabric.